Armstrong McCall, L.P. (“Armstrong McCall”), indirectly owned by Beauty Systems Group, Inc., is committed to professional-only sales and distribution.  Armstrong McCall WILL NOT knowingly become involved in the unauthorized sale of professional-only products.

What is diversion?

Diversion is the sale of exclusive product lines outside the intended channels of professional distribution. 

How does diversion occur?

Diversion can occur through multiple sources, including through manufacturers or distributors who "look the other way" and sell directly to diverters, and through customers who purchase products not for authorized purposes, but rather for unauthorized resale.
Are products purchased through diversion channels less expensive than those purchased in authorized salons?

Surprisingly, in many cases, diverted products sell for as much or more than products purchased through authorized channels--everyone in the supply chain has to make a profit.

Why does Armstrong McCall fight diversion practices?

We believe our products will produce optimum results only if chosen, used and sold by licensed salon professionals who understand their clients’ hair needs and are trained in the use of professional only products.  From a trade standpoint, diversion tends to lessen the allure of the product in the eyes of the consumer.  There can also be product quality issues that may arise from the purchase of diverted product as well, possible safety concerns. Furthermore, many manufacturers do not guarantee products which have been purchased through unauthorized channels.

What is Armstrong McCall’s position on the sale of products on the Internet?

Armstrong McCall, on behalf of itself and its distributors, has agreed to certain requirements and prohibitions specified by our manufacturers. Most, if not all, of our manufacturers prohibit sales over the Internet. Further, the agreements which our distributors are required to have in place with their customers expressly prohibit the sale of products through the Internet..

What can you do to help us stop diversion?

If a collector (diverter) contacts you, call 1-866-442-0712 or e-mail us at diversion@beautysystemsgroup.com to report it. Any information you can provide will help us to combat this problem.