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Award-Winning REDAVID Luxury Hair Care

Armstrong McCall welcomes REDAVID to our portfolio of the best brands in the industry. Now you, the salon owner and stylist have the opportunity to introduce the award-winning luxury hair care experience of REDAVID to your guests.

REDAVID is a hair care manufacturer who has developed an exclusive hair science that goes into every drop of every product to really penetrate, repair and improve hair clinically and consistently. With a Skincare Grade Chemistry & Dynagen-R that’s specifically formulated for hair and scalp, this dynamic duo delivers essential proteins to strengthen the hair shaft and reinforce the area around the hair follicle to nourish hair from root to tip. It’s hair science that really works.

The Science Behind REDAVID
Recognizing that protein loss isn’t the only reason that hair may need repairing, REDAVID targets the different types of damage hair can be subjected to. They realize that by providing protein alone as a remedy isn’t quite enough.

Cosmo Prof welcomes REDAVID

In Search for A More Perfect Protein and Molecular Match
After much research, REDAVID began sourcing fermented sugar cane deemed a more “perfect protein” found in nature which does more than just reproteinize. This unique yeast protein called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae has a molecular makeup similar to hair that allows it not only to be readily accepted, but to seamlessly bond and fill in damaged hair patches.

REDAVID Addresses Structural Damage
Hair that is structurally damaged actually looks that way and is also dull and porous. REDAVID products rebuild hair structure with Collagen, Keratin and hair proteins to replace protein loss and boost existing levels of protein for stronger hair.

REDAVID Rehydrates to Replenish Loss of Essential Moisture
Compromise of the moisture barrier leads to hair that’s frizzy, coarse and dull. REDAVID’s HydroNutrient Complex deposits vitamins and amino acids to renew moisture balance.

REDAVID Promotes External Integrity
External damage is characterized by aged, weathered and highly porous hair. With REDAVID products, cuticle layers are repaired and resealed for free radical/humidity resistance and enhanced shine.

Formulation Perfection Takes Time
REDAVID believes every formulation takes time so it goes through a process of tweaking in their laboratory before the second process of a 3+ year stress test in a salon environment. This method leaves nothing to chance and ensures maximum product performances and also that every drop in every bottle is designed for perfection. It’s their promise.

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Posted November 7, 2019