Barbers Can Now Shop Elegance at Armstrong McCall®

Armstrong McCall welcomes Elegance, “The Ultimate Hair Experience” to our portfolio of the best brands in the industry. Now barbers have the best reason to shop Armstrong McCall beginning today.

Who Is Elegance?

Elegance has given hope to the barbering industry that has been neglected for decades. They have provided mass-appealing professional products that are unique and innovative, while maintaining high quality and an affordable price point. Through the years Elegance has visited over 50,000 barbershops and identified a major flaw within the industry that being retail presence and education.

“Elegance has given hope to the barbering industry that has been neglected for decades.”–Jay Nouri, CEO

The company’s mission is to uplift and better personal relationships with barbers nationwide with the help of their new befriended educators/ambassadors.

Elegance has befriended top barbers worldwide in a partnership to better the barber industry. This is done by offering top quality education and new trending haircuts such as color application and designs. In addition, with a wide array of high-quality products, Elegance offers an A to Z solution for all barbershop needs. From the back bar to the retail shelf, they provide the perfect price options per ounce.

AROD THE BARBER @arod23pr and WESTER @wester_barber are two Elegance partners to check out.

Elegance Model

About the Products

Elegance is both classic and trending with products that are for

  • All types of hair use
  • Everyone’s styling options
  • Shine, semi-shine and matte finishes
  • A strong flake free hold
  • Professional grade performance

Elegance helps the barber master his craft with products that are

  • Competitively priced
  • Of the highest quality per ounce
  • A complete range for barbers
  • All ethnic approved
  • Trusted by the world’s top barbers
  • Complete with an extensive educating platform for product awareness and use

Elegance is defined as a quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Perhaps this truly captures the heart of Elegance, the products, education and services they offer to barbers.

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