Behind Every Stylish Man Is A Savvy Stylist

Men’s grooming is projected to reach the $60.7 billion mark by 2020. Brick and mortar retail business accounts for 80% of total sales. Health and beauty specialist retailers are one of the two major distribution channels. This means you, salons and barber shops.

While night creams, pedicures and facials have been traditionally indulged in by women, the tables have now turned. Today men are making a GIANT contribution to the beauty industry.

Men’s grooming does not just consist of haircuts and a shave anymore. Gentlemen are becoming increasingly concerned with their style and have established unique purchasing patterns.

So what are some of the industry trends you need to be aware of to redefine your strategy?

  1. Department stores are putting major muscle into dedicated spaces that men can identify with to display their merchandise. Whether it be a window display or an entire space within your salon dedicated to the guys, it is worth the effort to personalize and get creative for them.
  2. Men are willing to spend on experiences, hence the latest surge of spas in high-end department stores and pop-ups—even in places like airports no less! So make sure his experience is a good one. And even though a few men report they are not concerned with style, they do value comfort and ease. That’s why establishing a comfortable environment and recommending products that will make life easier and more efficient for men are smart investments.
  3. Only 5% of male grooming product distribution is through internet retail. And while that’s still a small percentage, it is growing rapidly. Bottom line, a considerable number of men take to online platforms to research the products they buy and the styles they want to wear.
  4. Did we mention that men value experience? Not only are men looking for a genuine environment in which to relax, they are also likely to heed the advice of their trusted stylist to guide them when making purchases. So don’t forget to educate as you go and RECOMMEND the right products for each client!
  5. Despite the ease of social media and online sources of inspiration, men are still attracted to a solid print ad. Use visuals in your salon that speak to your male clients and leave them wanting to know more.
  6. And last but certainly not least, men will indisputably take the advice of their spouse or significant other into account when making decisions about their style or grooming regimen. Don’t forget to sell the ladies on products that they can purchase for their guys, and encourage them to send him in for a consultation.

In short, male consumers are a great target for taking your salon business to the next level. Challenge your stylists to dabble in the art of barbering or increase their skills with men’s cuts. Make it a standard for your team to be well-educated in men’s grooming products as a way to increase their retail sale potential. Target your social media efforts to market to men. It will be time well-spent.

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What makes for a positive shopping experience according to the few good men we surveyed:

“As long as they have the product I’m looking for, then the experience is good!”

“Assistance when required, space to view the products on my own time—and a NON PUSHY staff.”

“Friendly greeting, be there when I have questions, and give me expert knowledge.”

“Good customer service and someone who genuinely listens to my needs.”

American Crew Display Contest Men's Hair House, Menominee Falls, WI

American Crew Display Contest
Men’s Hair House, Menominee Falls, WI

American Crew Display Contest Lucienne Salon & Boutique, South Jordan, UT

American Crew Display Contest
Lucienne Salon & Boutique, South Jordan, UT

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Posted November 17, 2018