Plan NOW to Boost Holiday Retail Sales For 2019

Focus now on increasing your Holiday Retail Sales for 2019. Here are some interesting statistics from the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2018 Winter Holiday Trend Report that may help you to better plan and set goals for a successful holiday selling season.

Did You Know?
• The average consumer spent $1,007 on all things holiday (including decorations, candy, gifts, etc.)
$638 on gifts for family, friends and co-workers
$215 on non-gift holiday purchases (food and decorations)
$155 on other purchases for themselves or their families
4 in 10 shoppers start holiday shopping by November 1

The NRF Consumer Survey indicates these are the types of gifts people want/buy:
• 60% Gift Certificates and gift cards ($29.9B/ $49 per card on average)
• 53% Clothing and Accessories
• 19% Personal Care & Beauty

Wrapped Holiday Gift

Capture Holiday Dollars with these points in mind.
• Consumers buy via a variety of retail destinations—36% of purchases being made via local/small business or other specialty retail locations.
Quality of merchandise is one of three top factors in deciding where to shop so choose items wisely.
• On average, holiday shoppers have only completed 22% of their shopping by November.
• Consumers age 18-24 planned to purchase 37% in the personal care category.
Beauty products are ranked #9 in the top 10 gifts for young girls.
Online searches (47%), friends and family (41%) and wish lists (30%) comprise a major part of shopper inspiration. Get those social channels, referrals and wish list mailers ready!
7 in 10 consumers plan on engaging in a charitable activity each holiday season. Make your salon a location for donation drop offs or engage your team in a community event that gives back.
165.8 million consumers shopped between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday in 2018 spending an average of $313.
• In 2018, more than half of holiday shoppers (56%) planned to shop on the Saturday before Christmas.

May your Holiday Retail Sales for 2019 increase over the previous year and may your New Year be prosperous and bright.

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Reference: National Retail Federation, 2018 Winter Holiday Trend Report

Posted October 11, 2019