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Client Retention Is Essential to A Successful Nail Business

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Client retention is essential to any successful business. Though this article addresses challenges of nail technicians, certainly there is wisdom here for any entrepreneur desiring to prosper.

Young Nails Inc. CEO Habib Salo @youngnailsinc and Professional Nail Artist Johnny Locklear @jdollarnails share key tips for mastering client retention that may help you to keep clients happy and returning to your salon regularly.

What kind of things affect client retention? Consider for instance attitude–yours and clients. Listed below are a few other contributing factors worth examining such as

• Your personality
• The personalities of your clients
• The quality of your work
• The quality of your products
• How to engage, be friendly and yet remain professional

Get the guidance that you’ve been seeking. Watch the video, take notes and learn from experts in the industry.

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Posted September 17, 2019