Now You Can Create with Responsibly Sourced Tools and Essentials

Your Colortrak Desert Bloom Collection Awaits You!

Colortrak has the distinction of being among industry leaders who have made a commitment to act responsibly and ethically toward people and the environment.

To all stylists who are ecologically or environmentally engaged or wish to be, we have something for you.

CosmoProf® introduces the new Colortrak Cares® Desert Bloom collection, a responsibly sourced limited edition set of salon tools and essentials that we’re sure you will love. The collection includes a suction color bowl, brushes, a balayage board and croc clips made from wheat fiber, a bio-plastic created with wheat which is a renewable resource that grows at the same rate or faster than it is used. Included also in the collection is a unique repurposed Sahara apron. The collection is presented below. Choose one or all to complete your Desert Bloom set.

Betty Dain Desert Bloom Re-Purposed Sahara Denim Apron

This is a must-have apron with “Perfect Imperfections” that will make you, the beauty professional feel and look the part. Every single repurposed Sahara apron is as unique as the stylist who wears it.

How it’s Made
Each pair of reclaimed, iconic brand jeans is laundered, then hand crafted and reborn into a one-of-a-kind apron in their Miami studio. All of its unique characteristics, including shade variations and distress points are inherent to reclaimed textiles and are not considered defects in materials or workmanship. The Desert Bloom Re-Purposed Sahara Denim Apron features

  • Reclaimed Denim Jeans Repurposed into one-of-a-kind aprons
  • Denim Fabric
  • Two Patch Pockets
  • New, innovative apparel experience
  • Hand crafted in Miami

Betty Dain Desert Bloom Re-Purposed Sahara Denim Apron

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Posted May 18, 2019