The Comfort Zone—A Man’s Happy Place

So, when it comes to ideas, goals and life in general, the comfort zone is kind of a negative reference. But how about creating a comfort zone in your salon for your male clients? That doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

The basic truth is that if a guy doesn’t feel comfortable in your salon, he will not return, nor will he buy from you. Male clients are creatures of habit and like to know what they are walking into. No need to approach them with too many bells and whistles and sensory overload.

Keep it simple and make the gentlemen feel right at home. This is a great way to “low key” encourage buying for themselves or their loved ones and a sure-fire way to keep them re-booking with you well into the New Year.

Barber & Client

Check out some tips from our friends at Modern Salon and American Crew on how to do it right:

• Make it clear somewhere outside your salon that you have services especially for him with signage or window displays.
• Designate a quiet area in your salon away from all of the holiday hustle with more neutral design and décor and select a play list that is tailored to your male clientele.
• Be sure you have retail options in your men’s area to encourage that discussion.
• Inspire comfort and relaxation with a beverage and some TV time while your clients wait.
• Assign one or two stylists to walk-ins to reduce the stress of having to make an appointment. If provided the ideal environment, guys will happily wait for a haircut, but be sure to pre-book them for their next appointment before they go.

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Posted October 25, 2018