What Can You Do In 5 Minutes?

Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery TreatmentWhat can you do in five minutes? How about return your guests' hair to virgin strength? With TIGI® Copyright’s SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment you can do just that. Nobody likes damaged hair, but it's difficult to avoid and there's only so much a good leave-in conditioner can do. Between color services, heat damage, and even upstyling, hair gets weak over time and split ends become inevitable.

Luckily, repairing previous heat damage and returning hair to its former glory is possible with the new TIGI Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment. This expert treatment system repairs and reconstructs your clients' hair at the core and gives hair the love and refresh that it desperately needs, making it your new Salon Hero.

Key Ingredients Include:

  • Black Rice – to fortify the hair fiber from within
  • Keratin – for hair’s structural integrity and strength
  • Elastin – to increase hair flexibility, making hair less prone to breakage
  • Marine Collagen Amino Acids – gives form and strength to hair fibers

Why We Love This Magical Product:

  • 100x more keratin than using shampoo & conditioner
  • One treatment = protein lost by damaged hair in 1 year
  • Does not impair color performance
  • Improved hair condition limits restrictions for color services

Consultation is Key:

TIGI has a unique “Creative Consultation” approach that is more detailed than a regular consultation. It helps the hairdresser gather information and address all aspects of a client’s needs – assessing the client’s fashion tribes, hair diagnosis, skin tone, eye level, to recommending a home maintenance program.  Open-ended questions are asked to help the hairdresser gather information on the client’s needs.

How To Use:

Results That Don’t Lie:

Check out a few of the before and after results below to see visibly healthier hair after one SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment!

Before and after treatment with Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment

TIGI Copyright Tip – A question you may have after trying SOS Extreme Recovery yourself is "Why does the product have an odor to it?" To answer this question simply, the level of protein in this product has a natural odor left un-fragranced for max performance. No worries, though. No odor transfers to the hair – only gorgeous virgin condition!

Deeply repair your client's hair with the NEW SOS Extreme Recovery from TIGI. Pick up your newest backbar addition at your local Armstrong McCall® store and test out its incredible hair healing powers on your clients! 

Posted September 26, 2018