Young Nails Inc.

Create Your Best Nail Content Starting Today!

Today is the best time for you to start creating your best nail content. You may ask, “What would be my best nail content?” The answer is all nail art that you do. Start posting it on social media. Show your work and give insight into your world as a professional nail technician. Include your victories, challenges and also hacks. Share your artistry and passion as you build your nail business.

Advice from the experts
In the video below, Young Nails Inc. CEO Habib Salo @youngnailsinc and Young Nails Inc. General Manager Tracey Reierson @treierson discuss nail content and offer helpful suggestions for creating your best nail content starting now.

Nail Polish

Watch the video and discover that you too can create great nail content. You just have to start.

As a treat, we have also included another video featuring Habib and Professional Photographer and Young Nails Inc. Creative Director Gio Soto @gioxsoto. Habib and Gio share fantastic tips on posting more content consistently.

Watch the video to learn the secrets to posting more nail content on a regular basis.

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Posted September 24, 2019