Nail Technicians, This One’s for You.

New! Crystal Clear Orly GelFX® Builder In A Bottle

With new Orly GelFX Builder In A Bottle, nail extensions have never been so easy. Check out the benefits of this amazing product and what it could do for your nail business.

What It Is:
• A new concept and technique as an all-in-one soak-off sculpting gel for nail extensions
• There’s no need for separate pots and brushes.
• A perfect all-in-one application without the sticky mess
• Builds nail extensions with lightweight strength
• Self-leveling formula with a superior self-leveling quality allows for effortless application with a consistency that remains easy to control, with less need for filling while minimizing heat spikes
• Builds nail extensions with flexible strength that comes from a perfect balance of soft-gel and hard-gel properties
• Allows you to give clients’ nails the strength they need without the cracking associated with hard gels, or painful, damaging breaks associated with acrylic nail extensions
• A crystal-clear formula that’s the perfect blank canvas for color application and detailed nail art

Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to use Orly GelFX Builder In A Bottle.

Crystal Clear Orly GelFX® Builder In A Bottle

Watch the next video to see the beauty of Orly GelFX Builder In A Builder for color application and nail art.

In addition, Orly GelFX Builder In A Bottle:
• Provides an opportunity to add a new service to your menu
• Allows you to build nail extensions easily and therefore saves time
• This all-in-one product allows for all skill levels to sculpt and extend nails.
• With full sets applied in as little as 45 minutes and fills in 25 minutes or less, you can increase the number of clients you see on average.

You will find Orly GelFX Builder In A Bottle and much more at at your local Armstrong McCall® store.

Posted October 5, 2019