Crush Your Customer Retention Goals in 2020

The New Year is often a time of resolutions. It’s a time when people want to make a change for the better. It can be a great time for salons to make a resolution to get and keep new clients with a “New Year New Clients” Campaign!

One way to gain new clients is to emphasize your current Referral program. Most salons have a program that rewards current clients for recommending someone to their salon. A referral program can generate hundreds of leads cost-effectively. The reward for the referring client can be a discount on their next service, a free gift, or anything that works with your service menu. The potential new client’s experience can be enhanced by adding a complementary add-on, like a mini-facial or brow wax, to entice them to return.

2020 Goals

Another idea to keep them coming back and becoming a long-term client is a reward program that grows with increasing visits. For example:

  • First Visit – Save $10 on any retail product
  • Second Visit - $15 off any service
  • Third Visit - $25 off any service in a department you’re visiting for the first time

Pre-Booking is another good business strategy for both current and new clients. Pre-booking:

  • Increases productivity
  • Drives revenue
  • Helps with staff retention
  • Increases client retention
  • Improves customer loyalty

The art of pre-booking is in the language you use:

Don’t say, “Do you want to schedule your next appointment?” This leaves your client with the opportunity to say “no, I’ll just call.”

Do say, “Your color looks great. I scheduled you for a refresh 6 weeks from today. Which time slot works best for you?”

One final tip to gain new business in the New Year is to put the power of your clients’ social media to work for you! According to Brandwatch, the average number of friends a user has on Facebook is 155 – and some statistics are much higher! After a service, offer to take a picture of your client looking great, and ask them to mention you or your salon if they post their new look. That’s a lot of potential reach at no cost to you!

Set your intention for 2020 and put a strategy in place to retain your client base.