Destination Lifestyle in Morocco

Destination Lifestyle in Morocco

Continuing their mission to empower and inspire independent hairstylists, Kadus Professional held their second annual #MyKadusMakeover social competition earlier this year and asked participants to submit their most impressive before-and-after photos for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to soak up sun, adventure and education in the alluring setting of Morocco.

Thousands of entries were received and placed before a panel of judges, which included Artistic Team member Jacob Khan @jacobhkhan and #CosmoPros Amanda Galmiche @amanda.galmiche and Deborah Tallon @debvargashair. These entries were judged based on a criterion of creativity and overall “WOW” factor of the transformation until only two winning entries remained. We’d like to extend our sincerest congratulations to #MyKadusMakeover winners Adriana Toriz and Lisa Wagner; these ladies flew from Arizona and Illinois (respectively) to join the festivities in Morocco at the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort.

In addition to judging, Galmiche was also able to join the Kadus Professional team in Morocco, picking up some new tips and techniques during her trip. She shared, “My favorite takeaways include color tips from Caroline Kim and Alexey Osipchuk’s hair cutting demos… from Caroline it was that she said she only goes THREE WEEKS between touch-ups to maintain her platinum, and I liked how Alexey took big sections in cutting and made the cuts uncomplicated.”

Amanda Galmiche

Amanda Galmiche

The 3-day event, attended by over 300 beauty professionals from 10 different countries, kicked off on September 11th with a welcome dinner which allowed jet-lagged attendees to kick back, relax and try some local fare. During this time, we snuck out to grab a behind-the-scenes look at the model prep space being used by Kadus Professional’s team of Global Directors. The team is comprised of talented stylists from around the globe including: Costantino de Tommaso of Italy @costantinodetommaso, Bert Kietzerow of Germany @bertkietzerow, Caroline Kim of the United States @carolinekimhair, Alexey Osipchuk of Russia @alexey_osipchuk, and Baerbel Hopf of Germany @baerbelhopf.

Patrick Cameron

Patrick Cameron

As luck would have it, while in the prep space we ran into the charming Patrick Cameron, UK based stylist renowned for his long hair styling and host of this year’s Destination Lifestyle. We took a moment to catch-up with Patrick.

The world of hair is evolving so rapidly; where and when do you find your inspiration for new trends?
“Inspiration happens when you least expect it… When I’m working on a new collection… Throughout my year I collect ideas, I collect feelings. I look at the way hairdressers are working, I look at what needs they might have, and perhaps if they’re struggling to achieve something – I might design an easier way that they can work with it.”

Kadus Professional products were created to “serve the hairdresser and to help them perfect their skills”. That’s a powerful mission statement, what does that mean to you?
“Oh, quite simple, I mean to perfect your skills means education. Education, which of course as you know, Kadus Professional is dedicated to. They have a phenomenal team of educators. The products themselves are amazing, they care for the hair, they give you a great result, are color true and give you a beautiful saturation and tone BUT you have to have education. Whether it’s online education or one-to-one education, and I think that’s what that statement means. We’re going to take our hairdressers towards success but we’re going to do that together.”

The next two days of Destination Lifestyle were dedicated to Look & Learn presentations by the team of Global Directors who each presented a curated collection and shared with the audience how they achieved their finished looks. Pastel hair color, neon shades, beachy textures and some unique facial wear graced the catwalk – providing us a glimpse at the trends these artists believe will continue on into next year.

Bert Kietzerow

Bert Kietzerow applies the finishing touches to his balayage model.

Caroline Kim

Cloud inspired hair color by Caroline Kim

Alexey Osipchuk

Alexey Osipchuk carefully secures a facial mask to one of his models.

Caroline Kim

Caroline Kim

Between stage presentations, we were able to grab a few minutes with Kadus Professional Global Director, Caroline Kim. Caroline is based in California and has been working with Kadus for just over five years; she was an integral partner in helping the brand launch within the North American market.

We’ve got to know – what is your favorite go-to Kadus Professional product?
“One of my absolute favorite products is the demi-permanent 10v – it’s amazing for blondes! If you can’t tell, I’m addicted to blonde and so are my clients. It’s my one favorite tool I always have in my backbar.”

Where did you find the inspiration for your runway presentation?
“Where I find my inspiration is really through my travels. I’ve been a traveler my whole life. Before I was a hairdresser I, actually, was an adventure tour guide. So, all those travels from all the different countries, all the places I’ve been, really helped inspire me with the shapes, colors, dimension, architecture, culture – all of that really plays into the work that I do and the collections I create.”

2020 is right around the corner – what trends do you predict we’ll see in the New Year?
“I think one of the trends we’ll continue to see is that branch into really natural, lived-in beautiful hair. I love that because it’s just a beautiful look that compliments and enhances everyone’s natural beauty. We’ve seen a lot of that with the texture, textured styles, the lived-in bobs, I think that’s going to continue and possibly enhanced a little bit more. I think our clients will really start to embrace that.”

Why do you think continuous education is so important for licensed beauty professionals?
“You have to constantly be learning and updating, because if you stop learning you’ll never grow. Opening yourself up to education and traveling, going to seminars, watching things on social media; all of that really gives you an insight to the different techniques and tips that people use that you can add into your own collection of tools to help you grow as a stylist.”

What advice do you have for stylists who are interested in entering next year’s #MyKadusMakeover competition?
“My advice, if you plan on entering the competition, is to be you. Make that collection, make that artwork about you. Don’t be afraid to express that creativity and step out of your box a little bit. If you’re a little unsure, just go for it. Put 110% of your effort into it and you might be surprised at the results you end up with which will be beautiful, but also what you learned in that process as well.”

What does being Licensed to Create mean to you?
“Being Licensed to Create to me means that you are an artist that has foundational skills. So, you know the rules, you can break them if you need to, but you know how to create a beautiful entity that has the different elements of collaboration and composition.”

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Posted October 2, 2019