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AG Hair Undone Texture Holiday Hair Tutorial: Undone Texture

Texture shines this holiday season and it can add pizzazz to a simple look. Here is how to achieve an easy, “don’t care hair” style using AG’s Rosehip Balm, Sea Spray, and a flat iron. Enhance waves with Dry Wax and refresh and extend the style into Day 2 and Day 3 with Dry Lift volume and texture paste.

Create Undone Texture by following these steps:

  • Add Rosehip Balm to clean, wet hair. Rosehip Balm helps hair feel smoother and more manageable.
  • When hair is 50% air-dried, apply Sea Spray throughout.
  • Rough dry with a blow dryer, twisting as you go. Add more Sea Spray as needed.
  • Loosely braid hair (no need to secure ends). Glide a flat iron over braids to lock in waves. Remove braids.
  • Apply Dry Wax to enhance texture and style.
  • Emulsify Dry Lift in hands and apply to roots for volume and lasting style.

Watch Stylist Christine Leblanc of AG Hair demonstrate how to “Give the Look” of Undone Texture for this holiday season.

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Posted November 16, 2018