The Institution of Beauty

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The year 2019 is a transitional one brimming with opportunity as we near the end of another decade! For you, it may be the cusp of an entirely new level of business. That could be expanding your business by going from a suite renter to a salon owner or possibly expanding your footprint by opening an additional salon.

Our dynamic industry continues to evolve at the mercy of a new kind of consumer—one who has more discretionary income and craves a heightened beauty experience. describes the consumer with an eye for authenticity, sustainability and transparency as “The Institution-less Consumer.” Gone are the days when it was enough to open your doors and be suddenly profitable by just being the new kid on the block. True, anything new still has its appeal. But the more important question that today’s consumer asks is the why! Why should we do business with you?

Are you prepared to build your 2019 Business Plan around this new wave of consumerism?

Here are a few helpful tips to get you on the right track and to woo the “Institution-less”:

  1. Invest in color and care products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Read the fine print about the ingredients and/or product packaging. Educate yourself and your team so that you can speak confidently to your clients about these products. Become the expert so that your eco-conscious clientele buys from you and not the competition.
  2. My time and my dime. Consumers are more and more particular about how they spend their time. They want quick and easy access to services and are willing to pay for convenience. Does your service menu cater to this new brand of clients who know what they want? How about taking an inventory of your service times and looking for ways to maximize the stylists’ time to better serve your clients?
  3. Experience is everything. What kind of environment are your clients walking into when they visit your salon? Is it a mad house or a place where clients can go for a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? To make sure that you are offering an oasis that clients want to visit regularly, take the time to evaluate your space, layout and general mood elements. Do improvements need to be made? If so, then consider making them now.
  4. What is your social media strategy for 2019? Are you looking to gain new followers, delight your existing ones or simply to get them to interact more with you? All of these are great answers as they result in awareness about your business and your followers. The key is to keep it real, concise and intentional. People want to interact with people and get to know the true persona behind the business. So enlist your team’s participation, and turn your followers into fans!

The future is calling … answer your phone!

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Posted November 29, 2018