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Johnny B. Hair Care Celebrates 25 Years in Industry

Congratulations to Johnny B. Hair Care for celebrating 25 years in the beauty industry. CosmoProf® is proud to feature Johnny B. Hair Care in our portfolio of the best brands in the industry and look forward to celebrating many more of their achievements.

Who Is Johnny B. Hair Care?
Johnny B. is not just a brand but a lifestyle mix of an authentic hair focus, the making of the finest men’s grooming products, their passion and fervent love for what they do.

Since 1994, Johnny B. has provided the best quality products to men who visit barbershops and salons. Their focus has been to build strategically, emphasizing styling products and analyzing consumer preferences.

Keys to Success
Johnny B. utilizes

Aggressive public relations campaigns targeting industry and consumer media, prompting increased brand awareness and recognition across every medium of communication including print, digital, television and radio.

Social Media is another method of reaching targeted customers. They have learned that engaging customers daily is a quick and effective way to get the word out about brand news. Their focus is to create a dialogue with their followers, and to encourage it!

Philanthropy has always been an integral component of Johnny B. Not only has the brand participated in various gifting opportunities including the American Music Awards, Latin Grammy’s, NFL Kickoff, Andre Agassi’s Grand Slam for Children, the Maxim Super Bowl Party, but also has made sure to give back to grassroots organizations that work with underserved youths and adults.

Ultimately, Johnny B.’s success can be attributed to their highly educated staff and educators. Their education team continually travels North America to assist their salons and distributors. As a result, partners fully understand their products and brand philosophy to provide their customers the best service, quality and knowledge.

Again, congratulations to Johnny B. for celebrating 25 years in the industry.

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Johnny B. model

In Their Own Words

"For over two decades, we have led the way through quality products and education. Our vast team of educators and dedicated corporate members have been the ground forces that have worked relentlessly to earn the hearts and minds of barbers and stylists.

We have conceptualized a vision of authenticity, modesty and honesty. We have stayed true to the pillars that founded our line in 1994: Quality, Uniqueness and Affordability, which has simultaneously allowed us to stay true to the industry.

25 years ago, others did not see the future of the men’s hair care business as we have built it. Our vision for the next decade is much greater than anything we can imagine. However, we have positioned ourselves to accommodate all future growth.

Johnny B. isn’t a brand. We are a lifestyle. And this is just the beginning".