Holiday Bells and Whistles:

Merchandising Means Business

Take home sales are an important profit driver in any salon environment…especially during the holidays. Did you know you can increase your retail profit potential by 35% with the right merchandising strategy? That’s big dollars and the benefits are worth the time and effort. Think of merchandising as the in-salon experience (the bells and whistles) you create to help drive sales.

Here are key elements to merchandising your displays this holiday season:

First, determine What, Why, Where, How, and How Well.

What and Why consider which products to feature and the purpose behind them. Plan ahead with your Cosmo Prof® Salon Consultant to simplify this process – think about trends, guest needs and seasonality.

Resaile Sales

Where, How, and How Well are determined by you and your unique creativity. Consider the salon layout and guest journey through the course of their service when deciding the best place to set up your displays. Don’t forget the use of props to make your merchandising more visually engaging.

As a general rule for props, the display should be 80% product and 20% props. Use signage available from your Salon Consultant as additional touchpoints for guests as they complete their service.

When evaluating How Well your display did, reflect on both the sales of the products featured in your display, as well as the response from guests.

Tips for the ultimate Bells and Whistles display:

• Tell a story: Consider how, why, and when the guest might use the product. Make your clients the focus of the shopping experience you create.
• Think outside the gift box: Product displays are not exclusive to the front of the salon. Consider other areas where guests spend time (shampoo area, hallways, stylist stations, etc.). Avoid cluttering your salon entrance.
• Have Fun: Don’t be afraid to have fun with your displays. Remember to play with color, height, and texture, and try different strategies to keep guests interested.
• Involve your Team: Ask your stylists for ideas and feedback about new product displays. Stylists who are excited and engaged move more product off the shelves!
Food for thought: Did you know shoppers naturally gravitate to the right when walking into any retail environment?

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