Modern Fairytale Pastels with Olivia Smalley & Matrix®

Modern Fairytale

This summer, we're asking stylists to bring their colorful creative dreams to life and experience the joy and wonder of Modern Fairytale. Artistic Team member Olivia Smalley shares with us one of her techniques on how to add pastel hues for an on-trend look using Matrix's new SoColor Cult line.

Modern Fairytale ModelMy concept was to take four colors, and with added curls and texture, make it look like eight! Pops of pink, yellow, lavender and teal combined into an ethereal modern fairytale.

Formula A: Matrix SoColor Cult Mermaid Teal
Formula B: Matrix SoColor Cult Lavender Macaron
Formula C: Matrix SoColor Cult Lucky Duck Yellow
Formula D: Matrix SoColor Cult Bubblegum Pink

  1. Pre-lighten hair to level 10 and divide hair into four quadrants.
  2. Subsection the two quadrants behind the ear and start sub-sectioning horizontality at the nap of the neck.
  3. Concentrate coloring only mids to end starting horizontally from left to right in three strand sections.
  4. First strand, apply Formula A melted to Formula B
  5. Next strand, apply Formula C melted to Formula D
  6. Last strand, again apply Formula A melted to Formula B
  7. I continue this application from mids to ends to the remaining quadrants all over the head.
  8. Wash hair and style.

Pro-Tip: Rather than painting and melting color at a 0 degree angle, elevate each strand/section at a 90 degree angle to create a better color gradient.

Matrix's SoColor Cult is a new vibrant hair color in an extensive palette of shades that offers colorists customizable longevity, superior conditioning and ultimate vibrancy.

Find the wide-array of playful shades and create your own Modern Fairytale look this July at an Armstrong McCall® store near you!

Posted June 15, 2018