Clean Hair Gets A Whole New Meaning with

New ColorProof® SuperSheer™ System

ColorProof, the pioneer of sulfate-free shampoos introduces the next evolution of clean with their NEW SuperSheer System formulated for even your most sensitive customer.

ColorProof Has Set A New Bar with never-before-possible, ultra-clean formulas with superior performance. SuperSheer takes their already clean standards a step further beyond for consumers who are looking for silicone-free and fragrance-free formulas without sacrificing performance or color protection.

Who is SuperSheer System for?

• Customers embracing a clean-living lifestyle
• Customers with fragrance or ingredient sensitivities
• Customers seeking featherlight, ultra clean, formulas with maximum color protection
• SuperSheer can be used for all hair types however it’s ideal for fine to medium hair. Get featherlight, super clean, airy results with superior color protection. Guaranteed.

ColorProof’s Clean Standard and The Planet

ColorProof SuperSheer has taken their clean standard to a whole new level for the love of you, your color and the planet.

SuperSheer bottles are made by using 100% recycled plastics, an initiative that they plan to carry through to all of their packaging by 2023.

SuperSheer delivers 100% Performance. No Fillers. No Extras. All Goodness.

SuperSheer’s extra gentle formulas are powered by natural bioactives to deliver super clean, radiant results with superior color protection. Guaranteed. Natural bioactives are listed below.

Blue Lotus Flower: A Sacred blossom used in Asia for centuries delivers immediate moisture, elasticity and shine.

Edelweiss: A Swiss alpine plant with 10x more antioxidants than Vitamin C, protects against free radicals and delivers superior color protection.

Baobab: A superfruit rich in amino acids and vitamins A, A, & E, fortifies hair, boosts collagen, repairs damage and strengthens hair from the inside out. Delivers 510% Greater Damage Recovery and 375% Greater Strength.

Carob Tree Oligopeptides: A protein that provides a protective film around the hair, strengthening hair while preventing breakage.

Shea Butter & Jojoba: Naturally nourish and detangle.

ColorProof SuperSheer is the perfect item to add to your salon menu for clients who want an ultra-clean, extra gentle superior color protecting experience that’s good for them and the planet. Shop SuperSheer and other great ColorProof products at your local Armstrong McCall store.

New ColorProof SuperSheer System

Key Benefits

• Silicone-Free – Select silicones over time can build up on the hair shaft, coating the hair. Silicones are not biodegradable which is an environmental concern.
• Fragrance-Free
• 100% Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• Sulfate-Free
• Salt-Free
• Phythalate-Free
• Paraben-Free
• Paba-Free
• Mineral Oil-Free
• Coal Tar-Free
• Keratin-Free
• Formaldehyde-Free
• Cruelty-Free
• Bottles made from 100% Recycled Plastics

Posted September 14, 2019