Pre-Booking and Other $$$ Makers

Client and associate at the front desk

If 2018 was a challenging year for your business, then it’s time to move forward into 2019! The beauty of a new year is the opportunity for second chances. Check out these short and sweet tips on growing your revenue in 2019 by incorporating some retention and growth strategies!


One visit equals $, while repeated visits equals $$$! Secure a steady source of income by simply having your current clients book their next appointment every time they visit.

Food for Thought

Did you know that keeping an existing client is five to seven times more profitable than attracting a new one? And attracting a new client costs five times as much as keeping an existing one.


As Modern Salon suggests, keep track of what services your clients have had previously so you can recommend specific add-on services while they are in your chair.  


Use your social media tools to share new trends and tips with clients to keep them engaged and to remind them to come see you. For instance, sharing beauty trends that are hot in the celeb world or posting new looks you are creating may be the best way to pique the interest of clients looking for something new.

Show Them

Don’t just tell your clients something—show them! Use visuals to create retail displays to attract their attention. Have a new product line you want to showcase? Separate it from your retail shelf, and build an interactive display with fun signs and props to dress up your window or a dedicated space in your salon. Talk to your Salon Consultant about merchandising from specific brands to help tell the product story.

Product Merchandising Tip

Posted December 4, 2018