Jessica Roninelli, Christopher Hartl and Jessica Jannsen

From left to right: Jessica Rondinelli, Christopher Hartl and Jessica Jannsen

Consultations Do's and Don'ts

  1. DO understand the person’s lifestyle.
  2. DO try to get to know the person in the 10 minutes you have with them.
  3. DO take samples and test strands.
  4. DO give advice, managing each person’s expectations.
  5. DO keep offering.
  6. DO under promise and over deliver.
  7. DON’T assume a potential client can’t afford to pay your prices, doesn’t want a certain service and is just coming in for maintenance or a touch-up.
  8. DON’T assume anything about the person sitting in the chair.


Savvy Salon

Anagen 11

Growing Business One Consultation at a Time

Say hello to Jessica Rondinelli, co-owner of Anagen 11—our featured Savvy Salon! She was named on the Beauty Launchpad’s list of 30 Under 30 Trailblazers in 2017. With more than 10 years of experience behind the chair, Jessica is known for her phenomenal attention to detail and business smarts. Her accolades include Schwarzkopf Professional Educator to one of the Lead Bridal Artists at Anagen 11, among others.

The salon’s name stems from the definition of “anagen” which means “the active growth phase of hair follicles.” And the “11” represents being called to do something higher. Co-owned by Jessica and her business partners Christopher Hartl and Jessica Jannsen, Anagen 11 believes in the ever-growing philosophy within education, the team and oneself. Every Monday, the team conducts meetings to go over personal and professional wins from the previous week and projects they need support with.  In addition, each month, they conduct sessions dedicated to technical education on skin, makeup and hair. Jessica believes that this constant hunger to grow shows clients how serious the owners take their work.

From the moment of each first encounter with a client, it is Anagen 11’s mission to cultivate creativity and collaboration. And even though they are best known for their balayage, hair painting and color melting services, the Anagen 11 team stays true to the philosophy that "every great service begins with an even better consultation."

Salon Anagen 11

Knowing consultation is crucial to client retention, they take the time to understand the person’s lifestyle, do test strands and give advice. Jessica says they have no problem telling a client “no” because the team’s main objective is to always protect the integrity of each client’s hair, as well as the salon’s business. As Jessica says, “Hair can be fixed, but the way the person feels lingers forever.”

Many referrals to Anagen 11 come through social media, so it’s a priority of the three salon owners to exuberate fierceness online. In-house marketing has made it easy to curate intriguing content for their current and potential clients. “It doesn’t always have to be a professional video space. Use the free tools out there and create relationships in the community,” Jessica says. In the beginning stages, Jessica and her team reached out to photographers who also needed to build their portfolios. Trading services that both parties benefit from has been vital in their social media marketing. Anagen 11 also started an internship for audio-visual students at a nearby college. Whether it’s getting involved with a local college, a young professional or young entrepreneurial group, Jessica believes there’s a way to effectively maximize your social media channels.  

When it comes to creating captivating content, Jessica believes, “Authenticity is essential.” She also encourages other salon pros to alternate between videos and still imagery to get people involved with your brand.  As she says, establishing connections is always an excellent idea because you never know how people can benefit positively from one another.

Check out their website, @anagen_11 on Instagram and Anagen11 on Facebook for inspiration!

Favorite Products:

Schwarzkopf Professional Color – The line encompasses every option you could possibly need as an artist. Beyond having an in-house educator for the brand—which has allowed us to keep education first and foremost—Schwarzkopf truly gives us unlimited possibilities for our clients.

Celeb Luxury™ Viral Colorditioner – Not only does this product smell AMAZING, but it keeps the hair feeling fabulous with its bonding technology and beautiful tones.

Olivia Garden® Brushes – These have been our "go to" brushes for as long as we can remember. Made beautifully to fit your hand, they withstand the heat of the blow-dryer and glide through the hair to give us the result we are looking for.

Malibu C® – The customized treatments of this brand set us up for success. Whether prepping the hair for a color service, removing harsh minerals, brightening a blonde or soothing a sensitive scalp, these treatments act as our secret weapon to transform the way we approach our services.

Satin Smooth® – This hair removal brand gives us every option for every skin type and situation. It delivers excellent results for our clients both in our aesthetics room and at the shampoo bowl.

Posted September 7, 2018