Sleek And Silky Styling With RUSK®

Who says you have to go blonde for the summer? RUSK Haircare shows us how to achieve sun-kissed brunette hair, then style it to perfection. Here's how to get the look.


Apply one-part RUSK Deepshine® Gloss - 5G Light Golden Brown and one-part Deepshine Gloss - 7G Medium Golden Blonde with two parts RUSK Deepshine Gloss Activating Lotion. Process 20 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition.

Gloss Step By Step


  1. On evenly damp hair, generously apply nickel-sized increments of RUSK Designer Collection Str8™ Anti-Frizz/Anti-Curl Lotion!
  2. Comb through to evenly distribute Str8 Anti-Frizz/Anti-Curl Lotion from roots to ends.
  3. Using a natural boar bristle round brush, blow-style the hair smooth and sleek with the RUSK Speed Freak® Ceramic Dryer.
  4. Press the hair to achieve maximum sleekness using RUSK Designer Collection Thermal Flat Iron Spray 55% and the RUSK Str8 Iron 1 Inch.
  5. Enhance shine and lock in the finished style using RUSK Deepshine Oil Finishing Hairspray Extra Strong Hold!

Sleek and shiny hair starts with RUSK Haircare products. Find all your RUSK favorites at your local Armstrong McCall® store.

Posted August 7, 2018

RUSK model Britney

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