The Beauty of Clean

As consumers, we spend a lot of time researching products that contain the highest quality and the healthiest ingredients. These ingredients are at the center of everything our bodies consume these days.

When it comes to beauty, today’s consumer not only zeroes in on the ingredients she loves for her favorite hair and skincare regimen, but she is increasingly concerned with ensuring certain questionable ingredients are NOT part of the mix.

As research continues to evolve and information is more easily accessible, the consumer is more knowledgeable about what ingredients might cause harmful side effects. In addition, as truly clean, toxic-free products continue to gain momentum and favor, their purity is becoming just as important to consumers as sustainability and responsible product sourcing.

Natural Products INSIDER research suggests that approximately 75% of consumers are willing to spend more on products that contain trusted ingredients.

Our manufacturers understand these demands and set high standards for their products to ensure that they are not only effective, but also safe. At Armstrong McCall®, our regulatory teams also work diligently to properly screen the safety of products for you and your clients.

As a salon, you are positioned to be a hub for retail products and services that are both beautiful and healthy. Your clients will appreciate your initiative and so will your bottom line.

Beauty of Clean

Image courtesy of Salon 24, Conway, S.C. | Stylist: Charity Carroll

A few of our favorite Clean Products:

a few of our favorite Clean Products

Posted March 22, 2019