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Transform Over-Processed Blonde into Brunette

Kenra Professional Colorist and CosmoPro Mirella Manelli @mirellamanelli shares amazing tips for correcting light over-processed blonde hair in the step-by-step tutorial featured below. Mirella demonstrates how to transform such a canvas into a stunning breathtaking brunette. By following her instructions from filling the hair, lifting the roots and finally creating a shade of beautiful all done with her favorite Kenra Color products, you can feel more confident managing your clients’ hair color challenges.

You may ask why fill the hair? Mirella offers four important reasons.

  • A filler can prevent color from looking hollow.
  • It can also help to prevent color from washing out fast.
  • It can help prevent color from looking muddy.
  • When dealing with porosity issues, a filler helps keep hair from looking blotchy.

Matrix SoColorCult Starfish Coral

Watch the video to discover how to do this color transformation from start to finish.

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Posted November 7, 2019