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Revive Hair from Summer Fun

Summer is the season of bright sun, big fun, and beachy hair. Sometimes, all that fun can lead to summer-related hair damage caused by sun exposure, chlorine, saltwater, and styling. Revive and refresh your client’s hair this season with the right tips and products.

For your clients most common hair concerns, reach for proven formulas that can help cure (and ease their minds). This is where a strong understanding of ingredients really comes in handy.

Dealing with dull, lackluster locks? Salt and other minerals from the beach or swimming in lakes and rivers can dry out delicate strands. The result is dry hair that lacks shine and life. To help, you can offer a deep conditioning treatment to restore lost protein and infuse moisture into the hair cuticle. Regular deep treatments can help strengthen and soften strands over time, and can be recommended as a regular service as part of a healthy hair regimen.

DevaCurl® Melt Into Moisture™ Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask is ideal for dehydrated wavy, curly or super curly tresses in need of tender loving care. This mask restores curls and waves back to softness, silkiness and shine.

For clients with dry, damaged thick coarse hair, there is John Paul Mitchell Systems’ MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Masque to replenish and dramatically transform hair back to a smoother, softer and more manageable state. 

Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Fine/Normal Hair is a lightweight mask that instantly makes hair look healthier with plenty of free flowing movement.

Lazy afternoons lounging poolside can take a toll on all hair types and shades, but those with lighter hair have to face the dreaded green. When hair takes on a minty hue, the true culprit isn’t necessarily chlorine—it’s copper! This mineral, found in pool water and hard water, causes buildup on the hair shaft that leaves hair with that telltale tint. To remove, use a formula designed to remove mineral buildup. The right product will help wash away the green without causing damage to the hair.

Clarifying Shampoo Three® by John Paul Mitchell Systems is a deep cleansing, chelating shampoo designed to penetrate the hair shaft to remove those unwanted buildups.

All that salt, sun, and chlorine can do a number to color-treated hair. One of the results of this type of exposure is color fade, where shades can look dull and washed-out. The sun’s UV rays can zap the life out of client’s color—but luckily, it can be revived with the right tools. Sometimes, a color touch-up is the best way to refresh summer-damaged shades. However, in other cases, taking advantage of color-protecting cleansers and conditioners can help keep color locked in. Leave-ins and treatments designed to protect from UV rays are ideal.

Farouk Systems CHI® Rose Hip Oil Nurture Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner is a dynamic duo to cleanse and condition color-treated hair while preserving tone and intensity. Farouk Systems CHI Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Dry UV Protecting Oil is a multi-use finishing mist that helps maintain color radiance with UV protection to prevent premature fading and color loss.

Similarly, one common summer hair concern is brassiness. Highlights and blonde tones can turn orange when they react to sunlight. This leaves client’s hair looking brassy. The best way to combat brass is with the right toner. A blue or violet toner helps neutralize orange tones to show off beautiful blonde color instead. To help keep it looking great away from the salon, recommend a UV ray-protecting treatment clients can use regularly.

Joico® K-PAK® Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector locks in color vibrancy; strengthens hair; detangles; provides full UV and heat-styling protection; reduces split ends and fights frizz. It’s also safe to use everyday!

Some summer hair issues are seemingly unavoidable: frizz, split ends and breakage being some of them. Humidity in the air and wearing hair out can cause undesirable effects. It’s important to treat client’s particular summer hair concerns while they’re in the chair, and to teach them how to protect their hair for optimal health when they leave.

Leave-in conditioners and treatments like Joico K-PAC Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector can be used to seal the cuticle and prevent frizz, to fill in weak bonds from split ends, and to offer sun protection. These act like sunscreen for their hair, helping ensure better health and great-looking locks.

 AG Hair Moisture Fast Food Leave-in Conditioner is also great for moisturizing tresses; mending split ends; taming frizz and delivering weightless conditioning with shine.

Revive and refresh your client’s hair with these tips and products starting today.

Posted July 18, 2018