Winning Guest Loyalty

How Liter Sales Convert Brand Advocates

Liter Sale

Although nine out of 10 guests leave a salon wishing they had more information on how to recreate their new look, one study found that 71% of consumers polled were not given a product recommendation by the end of their salon visit. The liter sale offers the perfect opportunity to convert loyal customers into Brand Advocates.

While it might seem that the two concepts are closely linked, there’s a key distinction: Loyal customers have consistent purchasing behaviors; Brand Advocates champion your brand and influence the purchasing behaviors of those around them.

The key to converting advocates is consistency – which is where the liter sale comes in. Clients who purchase liters use the product daily; keeping your salon at the top of their mind. This effect extends to those within their social network who might see the product in their washroom, and spark a conversation about the product line when they return. In this example, your salon is able to leverage the trust between the client and their social network; a valuable asset as one Nielson study found that 83% of consumers trust messages from friends and family above all other forms of branded communication.

In the scenario mentioned above, the liter sale promotes the conversion of Brand Advocates by

  • Keeping your salon top-of-mind
  • Organically growing brand visibility
  • Showing how good your product & services are
  • Leveraging Brand Advocates’ social networks
  • Sparking conversations about the product & services

Converting Brand Advocates has a direct influence on sales revenue, as one study found promotional offers shared among brand advocates result in a 30% increase of sales conversions, and can positively impact user reviews by 20%.

Once you’ve identified your Brand Advocates, extending special offers and free products is a highly targeted way to boost your ROI as the gesture will create ripples within their social network. Consider a special referral promotion for guests who purchase during the Liter Sale and watch as your Brand Advocates leverage their network to increase your sales and guest count.

Posted July 2, 2019

Adapted from Fantastic Sams