Mini Mani Moo - Moo Gel™ Peel Off Base Coat-Mini Mani Moo


Mini Mani Moo - Moo Gel™ Peel Off Base Coat
Mini Mani Moo - Moo Gel™ Peel Off Base Coat


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  • Product Details
  • This LED Gel Base Coat will turn any gel polish into reliable Gel Polish. Just replace your Gel Base Coat for the MOO GEL ™ PEEL OFF BASE COAT. Your Gel will last up to 10 days.
  • How To Use
  • Apply a thin coat on the nails (make sure they are free of oil and lightly buffered with a #400 grit nail file) and cure 30 seconds under the LED lamp.
    Proceed to apply the rest of your Gel manicure.

    IMPORTANT: It will only work with UV/LED Gel Polishes not with regular polish.

    To Remove simply soak in hot water for 7-10 minutes, Yes! Hot water and peel from the sides. You can see that the nail may have become dehydrated, this is normal, just apply your favorite cuticle oil rehydrate them.


"OMG! This stuff IS MAGICAL. Just soaked my client's nails for a minute in hot water and gel just slid right off in one perfect piece. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT."
- Sylvia, Aug 1, 2017