Introducing RƎMIX – Color Zoom ‘19

Goldwell Provides An Escape From Reality With The New Innovative Color Zoom ’19 Collection: RƎMIX

Goldwell Color Zoom '19'

Almost 3,000 passionate stylists from all over the world came together for two days of extraordinary shows, an exciting competition and inspiring artist sessions in Toronto, the host city of this year’s Global Zoom Event – the well-known Goldwell and KMS world artistic event.

One of the highlights was the world premiere of Goldwell’s Color Zoom '19 Collection RƎMIX. A mix of bold colors, sharp contours and strong contrasts; this playful, energetic collection is inspired by pop art and graphic minimalism, serving as a true form of expression.

In conjunction with the Goldwell International Artists, Agnes Westerman from the Netherlands and Sascha Haseloff from Germany, the three Global Color Zoom Challenge '17 Winners came together to create the Color Zoom '19 Collection RƎMIX:

Mio Sota, Global Winner Partner Category 2017, USA
Dylan Tung, Global Winner Creative Category 2017, Singapore
Maksim Sotnikov, Global Winner New Talent Category 2017, Russia


The collection includes:

Bold Colors
Bold and vivacious hues stimulate the senses for a motivating and uplifting effect. RƎMIX’s strong primaries are enhanced with expressive colors for an added edge and are set side by side for an anarchic clash of color. The color compositions echo the primary colors of Energy Yellow, Illusion Blue and Atomic Red. Offbeat White with a soft hue of color provides a feminine twist when paired with the bright colors.

Optical Pop
The Color Zoom ‘19 Creative Team used conflicting colors and color dualities to create high contrast, delivering a new energy brought to life by the shimmers and reflections. The RƎMIX Collection is a mash-up of the past, present and future, with updated elements from different decades such as color blocks, dip-dyes, lighter roots, fading and gradation of color, resulting in an uplifting, energetic look.

Remixed Cuts
The shapes are bold and graphic, outlined with sharp contours. The disconnecting elements on square and round shapes create new silhouettes, while innovative cutting techniques upgrade classic shapes. The unique elements on the crown add a special twist and a feathery touch. All of the shapes in the RƎMIX Collection expressively underline the color effect.

Minimalistic Styling
Eye-catching finishes convey a positive energy. A glossy luster delivers a tactile appeal to the hair and controlled volume creates clear silhouettes. The delicate crimps and punk embellishments make the styles unique, while round fringes and draped textures contrast with the minimalistic shapes and become a stylish detail that lets the color shine on the surface.

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Posted October 26, 2018